Sunday, July 19, 2009

Great Grandpa's awl

I have been working very intensely for the past 6 weeks along with my son. We have been going through many family things that were still in my house.
This is one of many.
We have had the privilege of holding the past in our hands.
My Dad called his Grandfather 'Grandpa Wiggins'. This awl was in a large old wooden tool chest that was my Grandfather's. My Dad told me he used to climb into it when he was just a little feller! And it was still full of so many tools.
I had such a feeling when I picked them up of getting just the tiniest bit of him in my hand.
I saved a file with a handmade handle.
Surely he made that handle.
When he crafted it, he had no idea that one day his great great granddaughter and great great great grandson would be holding it with affection for his work.

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