Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My friend flies free now

My dear friend has left this life and now flies free of its cares and difficulties.

As I thought about what to post to share what I feel about him, I imagined a heart.

I began looking through a few of my thousands of photographs and within a few seconds,

there it was. A picture of a heart.

Just what I wanted.

Somehow I know that he is around me just now and helped me find the heart.

He was and is very dear to me.

Someone who was a teacher of mine many years ago.

A man full of passion for life and for people.

A man with GREAT interest in life and all it has to offer.

A man who did really wonderful art and who wrote me

wonderful long newsy letters, always with photos or pictures in them.

A man who cared about other people and often spoke of his children with that

care, concern and love.

I remember that he always wished he knew how to help them better if they were having some difficulty.

Oh how he LOVED to talk and yet he truly listened as well.

Over the years I don't know how many times I saw him because he didn't live

where I lived. But when he came to town to visit an elderly aunt of his, he

would always stop to see me, see how I was doing, share the doings of his trip.

He had the greatest laugh.

I LOVED hearing him laugh and he did it so easily!

He knows how to play and joke and I know for certain

that he is playing and laughing.

I can hear him.

My heart glows with admiration and affinity for this amazing spirit.

You made my life richer for knowing you.

Bon Voyage til we meet again.

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Elisabeth Edmonston Clark said...

Your thoughts, your heart make my tears wane - and my heart sing. How I wish I had known you, oh, so much sooner.