Sunday, May 10, 2009

Attention to detail and 'modern' life

I trust that you will take the time to look at the three photographs I've taken

of this ivory netsuke.

It is 2 inches tall.

I am showing you several angles, because you can't see it in all its marvelous detaill unless you look carefully, turning it in your hand.

There is no part of it that was done in a glib tossed-off manner.

Every single side of it was fully worked out and carved.

The artist had a complete idea and then carried it out for the delight of the user and the viewer.

Netsukes were fashioned to be worn as weights holding the sash in place on the robes of Japanese men in the 17th century.

What I think, as I have admired these tiny exquisitely carved treasures, is that such work in the cultures of the world has been usurped by the relentless march of technology.

It is what we have allowed to happen.

And yet, I think we lose a great deal of needed personal attention to things when we can just fire off an email or watch mindless TV.

I am guilty as anyone, but what I seek to do is to find some balance so that the treasures that can be created and the time to admire and contemplate in the entire 'picture' of life instead of watching it tear by....

Well I think it matters in the short run and the long run.

It is about being present and truly being responsible for

the quality of life that makes it worth living.


Anonymous said...


Your comment on the quality of presence in our lives and the negative impact television watching can have really hit home to me today. I have become passionate about my writing of tankas and keeping an illustrated journal with pen and ink and watercolor; however, I find watching television deadens me and depletes my creativity. Thank you for the reminder in such a beautiful way.


Lynne said...

When one voices a truth that resonates in others as this has in you, it makes taking the time to write here so much more worthwhile.
Television sucks the life out of people when watched too long. We need to get out and PLAY!
Thank you for your comment. I very much appreciate it.