Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bella and Jann

I sit staring at the keyboard trying to think of what to say, what to write, what to do.
Bella is my friend Jann's pet - so well loved by her.

Jann left us suddenly last week in her sleep and all of us who love her are trying to
absorb the un-absorbable.

I think of Bella now and then, knowing that Jann rescued her from a shelter
and made a wonderful life for this luxurious kitty who was afraid
of everything when Jann first got her.

I remember one story Jann told me of Bella wanting to be outside so badly (Jann would be gardening and Bella would be on an upper porch watching) that Bella actually
leapt off that porch a full story up from the ground! Seemed to be no worse for it either!
Then Jann started letting Bella roam about her garden, making sure that Miss B didn't wander off somewhere. That would happen, but Jann kept a tight line of affinity and control on Bella.

I am trusting that Jann, though not here in the physical world, still has a tight line of
affinity on Bella
and on all of us who love her so.

We certainly do have that loveline on her now more than ever.

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