Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Mother's wooden spoon

First you see the entirety of the spoon.
Then I had to shoot it close up so you could see the worn edge from the many years my Mother cooked with this spoon.
As the holidays approach, I am doing more cooking of various kinds and I often find myself reaching for this particular spoon of my Mother's because it is so obvious she used it so much that it wore down.
You may think it is dirty, but it isn't. Just has been burned somehow and nothing short of sandpaper would take it off.
But you know that I would never do that.
It's the patina gained from many years of her dedicated and wonderful meals lovingly prepared for us. Not all mothers are like this. I know I was blessed.
Thanks Mom, I'm adding my own patina to yours.
Love, Lynne
I have other wood spoons of my Mom's, and a few of my own, but this one is the one that connects me to her in the most special way.

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