Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Where Have They Gone?

Some folks have fallen off the radar this year.
They were friends of my parents and so are in their sunset years.
Perhaps the sun has set for some of them.
I sent Christmas cards to the few that I have been in contact with
over the last years since my parents left this world.
They, and I, have been grateful for the continued contact
and for the pleasure of remembering my incredible parents.
But where are they in fact?
I tried finding two of them on the white pages in Google, no luck.
One was dear enough to send out cards with her new address
now that she lives with her daughter and son-in-law.
When my parents were here with me we spoke of a long-time friend
with whom they had lost contact.
I decided to try and find out what happened to her and so
managed to get in touch with the retirement community administration office
of the place where she had moved years earlier.
She had died some years ago, they told me.
I told my parents.
We just sat quietly for a while.
People leave this life.
But they are always with us even so.
Fare well old friends.....

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