Saturday, February 28, 2009

Create Magic

I wish to invite you to create magic, to find magic, to look for it all around you.
These are times when magic seems in short supply, but it is only because you have stopped putting it out there, or at least enjoying what magic you find!
You are the one who can drop down into despair as well as the one who can simply affirm your own truth, the one that you want to have!
So just grab hold and say, This is me!
I can do this!
I'm in charge of the quality and magic of my life!
I do not, however, seem to be in charge of the way this blog is putting my text and photos together. Well that's not so bad! I did take this photo and now you see something magical that I caught in the window of a restaurant near where I live.
You see, magic is all around you. If you smile, it the magic will start right there on your face!

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