Saturday, February 28, 2009


I took this photograph a few summers ago near the home where I grew up on Long Island, New York. It wasn't until later when I saw the actual photo that I could see the effects the light caused on the water.
Please do click on this image because you will see the sparkle magnified and gorgeous!
Today I am making a case for sparkling. Being sparkling oneself...whatever that may
mean to you. To me, it means being of good cheer and really meaning it.
I am happy most of the time because I am doing what I love and am surrounded
by people I love and who love me.
It makes a difference in the amount of sparkle one can muster.
So the more you get your ideal life in place, the more you will find it easy
to sparkle.
It has to be real, not put on, and yet sometimes I make a decision to sparkle
in the face of unfortunate circumstances or news. I've certainly had some
in the last few weeks and so I decided I would not stay stuck in these various matters,
but would consciously grab back my sparkle so that I would
1. Enjoy my self
2. Be good for others
Do whatever you have to so that you can polish off the dullness and shine with your
true self.

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