Saturday, February 28, 2009

Networks of Strength

I have heard a great deal of sad news in the last two weeks. Just way too many losses of people for many reasons, not all of them from death. Under the circumstances, I have had to take a very big dose of my own prescription to overcome the feelings associated with all this. But I have also had the opportunity to be of service to some of those who have suffered losses and so I have been finding my own way through it to this point of view which I am expressing here today.

In order to not get stuck in the heaviness that loss can trigger, we must have networks of strength that we continue to create throughout our lives. These are the people that are truly positive and who do not minimize life's difficulties, yet they do not get mired in it and stay there, sinking lower and lower.

Find and make those connections and build them so that you will have the spirit-filled space you need when it seems that all the air was sucked out of your own. We can expand the free calm space of others by adding our own. When we need that from them, then it will be there.

I have chosen the tops of these trees against the sky to illustrate a network of strength. Without the gifts of the air, sky and sun, the network of branches that makes up the tree would look up and out and find your own networks of strength for the give and take which makes life what it is....a team effort.
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