Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Be flexible

OK, so this is a funny photo to go with this idea, but listen!
I am finding as I get older that I get into such grooves that they can turn
into (god forbid) ruts!
Of course each of us has to assess which is which, but I recommend that
we all take a moment from time to time and see what we can change out
from old patterns and get a new look at things from a different viewpoint.
My cat inspires me to consider that even if I am not as physically flexible as she is,
I can be flexible in my life's activities so the grooves don't turn into ruts!


Anonymous said...

i like this, gotta stretch before you get stiff. good blog its how i see life.

Lynne said...

Hey Nemo,
Thanks for your comment. I thought you would like this stuff. You and I would probably get along really great outside of cyberspace!