Sunday, March 15, 2009

The personal value of visual beauty

Most of us know how we feel when there is a messy room to clean up. Yuck. The disorder of it affects our sense of peace and order. It is soul-satisfying to see it all fixed up.
This is not a small matter.
Continual disorder can reflect our mental state.
Temporary disorder affects our mental state.
When I see the beauty in a sparkly clean wine glass, all the reflections dancing in it, I see order as well. Smudges on the glass would distract from the beauty there.
Disorder distracts us from moving ahead because so much is incomplete that it can
trap us in the past.
I have just completely revamped my office. And now I have the feeling that I can move ahead with my projects, instead of having to override what is unaddressed and confusing.
I salute order, and in order there is much beauty to be found.

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