Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Aunt Milly

Yesterday morning, my dearest Aunt passed on to her next adventure.
I cannot begin to say how much I will miss her because of her great good sense of humor and fun that was, for me, what gives Life to Life!
I was looking through some family letters this morning and found this poem.
It was in a very faded letter that my wonderful Mother, at the tender age of 28, had sent to her new mother-in-law.
It could not be a better description of my Aunt if it had been written expressly for her.
Build for yourself a strong box.
Fashion each part with care.
When it's stong as your hand can make it
Put all your troubles there.
Hide there all thoughts of your failures
And each bitter cup that you quaff,
Lock all your heartaches within it,
Then sit on the lid and laugh.
Here's to you my darling Milly.
Thank you for every laugh you gave and for every one we shared.
And for every time you said to me 'How're you doing, Lynnesey Baby?'
I will see you down the line.
But til then, I seek to follow your example
Inspired by this photograph of you and Dad.
Love always and forever,

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