Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Mother

Today marks the anniversary of my Mother's birth. It is now 103 years ago that she showed up on this crazy little planet and lived her long and valuable life.

Here she is in a photograph taken of her by my Father when they were first married.

She never thought she was beautiful, but everyone else could see it.
I never have to try to think of wonderful things to say about my Mom. They just were evident as soon as you first met her.

I, of course, had the great privilege of being part of her life for all of her 95 years here.

Her stellar qualities are:


Caring about others and helping them with her


Flexibility and willingness and interest to try new things

A love of color and knowing how to use it, especially in her watercolor paintings

Her love of art and artists

Observing what others wanted or needed and then doing that for them if possible

Sweetness and no nastiness, just a streak of great humor about others and herself

Her smile

Her love of my Dad and her support of him always

Her love and help to my sister and to me

Her devotion to her grandsons

Her incredible sense of fun and mischief!

Her courage

Grace and dignity (unless she was making a funny remark!)

Not complaining but going off to herself and not putting what challenged her on others.

Again, her ability to always see what was funny about life and the gift

of making others laugh about it too.

Her lifelong ability to listen and to understand.

Thank you Mom.

My life is what it is because of these gifts from you.

Love always, Lynne

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